Hatchet Zoom Brush for Clip Studio Paint


This is my custom-made free brush for Clip Studio Paint Pro/EX software version 1.6 and up on Windows and macOS platforms. (It is not for the iPhone or iPad versions of the software.)

This brush relies heavily on pen pressure as well as pen Tilt feature in order to simulate the look and feel of Sumi-e or Asian “fude” calligraphy brush. When set at smaller brush size settings, it can also be used as a background foliage brush. You will need a pen that is capable of Tilt technology. Wacom, XP-Pen, and new generation Huion pens support tilt feature. Please refer to your pen’s online documentation to determine if your tool supports tilt.

The download ZIP package includes the brush SUT file, a sample Clip Studio Paint art file, sample JPEG images, and documentation.

Download Link:

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